Slave To Sin

I'm a slave to sin. I opened up my heart and sin just came right on in. I played with temptation and thought I could win. Deadly sins began and I couldn't help but to keep engaging in them. Lustful thoughts got me caught up in compromising situations. I didn't really mean to commit fornication but let's just say I just so happen to be in the right location. Curiosity and anticipation just got the best of me. Overpowered by my flesh then the rest is history. Here I am being challenged again. It's a mystery how easily sin just seems to find me. I tried any and everything to put out this fire. They say an idle mind is the devils playground. So I even tried to convince myself that the devil was a liar. But my heart and mind conspired then the next thing I know I'm seconds away from fulfilling my desires. After one hit you left me dizzy and confused. Although I know when I step to you I'm bound to lose. Sin... I just don't know why I keep finding myself playing with you. Sin you got me again. It's really sad how I'm so competitive but when it comes to you I always give in. You make it impossible for me to win. But I just can't quit. I have to admit. I get chills whenever I accept your challenge. Even though I know there's no real benefit... In what I get... I guess I'm satisfied.. With that for the moment fix.. Because without it... I would have to admit...What I'm really truly missing. Like an adolescent I'm desperate for direction. I know I can deny the transgressions. But somehow obsessions always get the best of me. So I think to myself I need to come up with a quick strategy to escape this tragedy. All of a sudden... Amazingly... I was introduced to a king that granted me royalty. Then what was all too familiar for me became a distant memory and I just had to stand up to share my testimony. I know there's a lot of folks out there just like me. You been battling sin ever since Genesis began. Listen... aren't you tired of losing? Well I have a solution. Take the time to let God search your heart then eventually all your lustful thoughts and bad habits will be lost. God bought you at a high price. Why not pay him back by living a Sin free life.

-Symbolic Soul

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