A Daughter's Love

You started off as the apple of my eyes. Looking like pure perfection, through my young eyes. You couldn't tell no lies. Plus I placed you high on a pedestal. In my mind you made me feel like I was so special. All your imperfections were acceptable. You taught me some valuable lessons and I will never forget them. Waiting at the front door and so anxious for you to walk in. I waited and waited only to be disappointed again. My conscious soul always searched and longed for the truth. Whenever I didn't hear your footsteps, I just knew that someone was going to tell me a lie or 2. Although I was labeled crazy and people thought I really didn't have a clue. I reviewed the world through my double vision lenses and hoped for a breakthrough. The world judged me but you saw me for me. I was your favorite girl and you made me feel like "no" young man could ever give me what I need. That was really cool and I really appreciated that about you. But unconsciously your love for me fed your wife's insecurities. Suddenly, I was left with scars that would eventually take years to heal. A hard pill to swallow so my soul became hollow. A foolish child running around wild. Questioning my existence and wishing for a miracle. Spiritual beings somehow found their way to me and tried to plant seeds. But me being young and naive kept me trapped in a web of deceit. No longer determined to accept nothing but the truth. In search for answers I ran across these letters. Written on that yellow notebook paper. Line for line each word penetrated my mind. Intrigued by my actions I continued to read. All of a sudden, I realized that you might not ever come back for me. I remember thinking I knew she was lying to me. She told me that you were working but my curiosity confirmed something different. Each word cut me real deep. Why did they have to take you from me? To my mama you was every cuss word in the book. But to me you was a young girls dream. You would do anything to supply me with my wants and needs. Birthday's, family functions, and special holidays will never be the same. They took my daddy from me and I will probably never see him again. Asking myself did I do something to make him leave? Perplexed by this idea I began to do some investigating. I look under the bathroom sink and I discovered a little brown bag of something. I explored each colored sack, which all consisted of a white residue. I guess I finally got my breakthrough. Fear and anxiety kicks in as I present this unfamiliar substance to my mother. She tells me it's nothing so I just go back outside and continue running...

-Symbolic Soul

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