I know your soul cries silently in the dark. Believing no one cares as your tears steadily pour out. You tightly grip your pillow as you long for human touch. Wishing someone would just call you up. You stare at a blank 50" inch TV screen. The effects of loneliness are really starting to kick in. You think to yourself, “should I call him”. Because last time old dude really did his thing. You start reminiscing and thinking about all those various positions. Homeboy really had you singing like you was auditioning. But is it really worth it? Can you smash him without catching feelings? Caught up in an, Entanglement you can't help but to fantasize about it. Hell, he knows how to hit all the right spots, not to mention, how just hearing his voice gets you hot. That youngin’ really turned you out. Now, all you can think about is him blowing your back out. You got an appetite that needs to be fed and your better half just can't hit it like he can. You know the extracurricular activities y'all engage in is wrong on so many levels, but, the devil’s on your shoulder and he reminds you that you deserve happiness. Not thinking about the destruction it may cause, because, you convinced yourself that you need this. So, you decide to jump right in, Using him for the time being. You thought this would just be y'all little secret, but, when a heart begans to bleed, a guilty conscious must come clean.

-Symbolic Soul

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