Stand In Your Truth

Can we try something different for a change? I mean instead of being silent can we just raise our voices and maybe even broaden our horizons? You see some of us would rather be silent and deny what we feel on the inside. Then we would decide to wear a mask to disguise all the hurt and pain we carry on the inside. But my question to you is why? Why would we rather hide our truth and cover it up with lies? Only to deny the pain that would somehow resurface anyhow. In the meantime we unknowingly allow our past to eat us alive as we learn to improvise. Why is it so hard for us to open our eyes and to recognize the enemies lies? I don't know about you but I'm tired. I'm tired of being silent and I'm tired of hiding my truth. You see I recently realized that hiding my truth is harder than working a full time job. So I had to tell the enemy that I declined the position and I made the decision to no longer be held captive and feel imprisoned. Trust me this decision wasn't easy for me. There was a time in my life that I struggled with mental and physical abuse, suicide, addiction, depression, low self esteem, and even insecurities. But today I am ready to be free. I am ready to stand in my truth. How about you? I know I'm through? Are you through too? Are you ready to finally heal all the emotional pain? Because I know that I am. My main goal is to not be ashamed and address what held me back. I no longer want to feel trapped and I'm tired of being attacked. I made the decision to stand in my truth. Then I used my enemies attacks to setup my comeback. It was because of that. I just had to stand up to speak my actual facts. For instance, for majority of my existence I had to paint a pretty picture in order to conceal what I tried so hard not to reveal. However, with time I began to heal and now I understand what it means to be real. You see I made a bold decision and my truth has risen. Now transparency has become a part of me and I no longer have to hide who I am or who I used to be and for that reason I am finally free to be Authentically Me. Seeds has been planted and my emerge has happened. Destined for greatness no time to be stuck in the same situations. Satan keeps hating but the truth will not be forsaken. It's time that we realize what it means to be God's Greatest Creations.

-Symbolic Soul

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